It’s been many weeks since being able to meet up with my friends from our crochet club. The two-person rule in HK is ongoing with no immediate let-up in sight, so I invited the group to a Zoom club instead.

As one by one everyone joined, you could see us all searching for how to unmute the microphone, peppered with calls of “we can’t hear you”. Then Irene joined and I instantly had to enquire where she was. She looked like she was sitting in a plush 5-star hotel room. No, she laughed – it was a background, which prompted several of us to give it a go. I didn’t as I knew I would probably cut myself off and, in true form, one of us did. All joined, we took no time at all getting up to speed on what’s been happening with each of us, the green frame whizzing around each of our boxes as we eagerly contributed to the conversation. A conversation that included COVID, of course, the vaccine, which presidents in the world we considered good-looking (Macron was  a top contender on a very short list), school closures, Netflix and who had watched Outlander, and much more that I can’t remember because the conversation was easy and fun. We certainly laughed and before we knew it, three hours had passed.

Did we discuss crochet? In a word, no, but we were all crocheting or knitting. You see, crafting is what brought us together but what keeps us together is the fantastic friendships crochet has opened to us. The sense of wellbeing we all felt after seeing and chatting with one another was priceless and we are most certainly looking forward to our next meet-up.