Firstly I just need to say that the bunny design is not mine.  I came across this design on the internet and thought it was super cute.  I made the one with the carrot first which did not have a cardigan in the original design.  I decided to add this and was super happy with the result.  I posted it to simply show off and from that people asked me to make them one.  

I had purchased the red yarn at the same time as the yellow so i decided to make a strawberry version of the bunny, which was again well received.  

So these bunnies have definitely been multiplying and now have new homes all around the world.  I have made bespoke ones as per customer requests so don’t be shy if you have a particular design request.

If you would like one making you please contact me via the Commissions link on this website or

You can whatsapp us at +852 65834731 or email us at