Now I felt ready to show Martin and Judy Duckee in all his glory. Sunday afternoon, I whatsapped and asked if they were free. Time to video call and show them. I flipped my screen and revealed Duckee and thankfully they reacted with happy amazement. They were stunned by the amount of detail and its size. It’s funny, even though you know how tall it will be, when you see it made in crochet, it seems even bigger.  

Commission complete. Now to hand over to Candy to organize Duckee’s transportation to his new home. I’ll miss him, but will be grateful to get the space back in our little apartment. 

Duckee stands at 175cm tall, is 120cm from his elbow on the left to the end of his fingers on the right, and weighs in at approx 60kg. We are gonna need a big van!

You can view Duckee in detail in the video.