Welcome to Kawaii Designs

Relaxing, making friends, sharing a laugh and our latest projects with each other. That’s what we love about crocheting. Whether you’re a complete beginner or a crochet pro, we hope you find inspiration and community with us here!

Bunny Dolls

These bunnies have become a firm favourite which you can order ready made.  They have little dresses, cardigans and shoes adorned in carrots or strawberry detailing.  They also have frilly socks and panties.  
Crochet Lamb


Try your hand at Sleepy Lamby, one of our most popular patterns, made in the traditional style of amigurumi crochet. Ideal for intermediate skill level.


Little Ted

Little ones will love this little ted. This is an easy amigurumi pattern to get started with. Great for crochet beginners.